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Haslev Expanded Folk High School Closes

The Haslev Expanded Folk High School (udvidede højskole) in Denmark has recently announced its closure. The school, which has been providing various courses and activities to adults since 1955, will shut down by the end of June 2021. The decision was made by the board of directors due to financial difficulties and declining enrollment rates, which made it no longer sustainable to keep the school open.

According to the board’s statement, the COVID-19 pandemic has also played a significant role in the school’s closure. The pandemic has disrupted the school’s budget and plans, resulting in a decrease in income from sponsorships, grants, and external activities. Furthermore, the pandemic has led to restrictions on in-person gatherings and travel, which has affected the school’s ability to offer its programs and activities as well as attract students from different regions of Denmark and abroad.

The closure of the Haslev Expanded Folk High School has generated both sadness and concern among its students, alumni, staff, supporters, and the local community. The school has been a beloved institution that has provided not only education but also social interactions, cultural experiences, and personal growth opportunities to thousands of people. The school’s philosophy of ‘lifelong learning’ has encouraged learners of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their interests and passions, connect with others, and enhance their quality of life.

The Haslev Expanded Folk High School has offered a wide range of courses and study circles such as art, music, history, philosophy, languages, nature, social issues, and more. The courses have been taught by experienced and passionate instructors who have fostered a respectful, creative, and stimulating learning environment. The school has also hosted various events, workshops, concerts, and excursions that have enriched the students’ experiences and fostered a sense of community and belonging.

The school’s closure has raised some questions and concerns among its stakeholders, such as:

Q: What will happen to the students currently enrolled in the school’s courses?

A: The school’s board has stated that it will do its best to ensure that the students’ needs and interests are taken care of. The students have been informed of the school’s closure and have been offered options to complete their courses, transfer to other schools, or get refunds. The board has also encouraged the students to stay in touch with each other and the school’s alumni network.

Q: What will happen to the faculty and staff members of the school?

A: The board has expressed its gratitude and respect for the contributions of the school’s faculty and staff members over the years. The board has stated that it will work with them to provide support and guidance in finding new employment opportunities or pursuing other interests. The board has also thanked the local community and partners for their support and collaboration.

Q: What will happen to the school’s premises and assets?

A: The school’s properties, facilities, and equipment will be sold or transferred to other organizations or individuals. The board has stated that it will prioritize the interests of the school’s students, staff, and partners in the process of dealing with the assets. The board has also acknowledged the historical and cultural significance of the school’s premises and will seek to preserve its legacy and heritage.

Q: Will there be any initiatives or efforts to revive the school or create similar institutions?

A: The board has not announced any plans or initiatives to revive the school or create similar institutions. However, some of the school’s alumni and supporters have expressed their interests and intentions to continue the school’s spirit and values through other means. They have suggested organizing events, courses, or gatherings that promote lifelong learning, creativity, diversity, and social engagement. They have also emphasized the importance of supporting education and culture in the local and national communities.

Q: What can we learn from the closure of the Haslev Expanded Folk High School?

A: The closure of the Haslev Expanded Folk High School highlights the challenges and opportunities of providing adult education in the 21st century. The school’s closure shows that even long-standing and respected institutions can face financial constraints and changing demands from learners and society. Moreover, the closure underscores the crucial role that education plays in fostering personal growth, social inclusion, and democratic citizenship. The closure can inspire us to rethink and improve the ways we provide education and culture to diverse learners and communities.

In conclusion, the closure of the Haslev Expanded Folk High School is a sad and regrettable event for many people who have been touched by its vision and accomplishments. However, it also presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the value of education, culture, and community in our lives and the ways we can support and enhance them. The Haslev Expanded Folk High School may be closing its doors, but its legacy and impact will live on through the memories, experiences, and inspirations of its students, alumni, staff, and supporters.

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