h2o havfruer på eventyr

H2O Havfruer på Eventyr

H2O Havfruer på Eventyr (“H2O Mermaids on Adventure”) is a Danish television series that premiered on July 1, 2015. The show is aimed at children and teenagers, and it follows the adventures of three teenage girls who turn into mermaids whenever they come into contact with water. The show is similar to other mermaid-themed shows such as “Mako Mermaids” and “The Little Mermaid,” but with its own unique twist.

The Plot

The show is set in a small coastal town in Denmark, where three teenage girls – Rikke, Emma, and Cleo – become best friends. One day, while swimming in the ocean, they discover an underwater crystal cave. When they touch one of the crystals, they are transformed into mermaids. Each of them gains their own unique power – Cleo can control the shape and size of water, Emma can freeze water, and Rikke can heat water.

The girls soon discover that they are part of a long line of mermaids who have been entrusted with protecting the underwater world. They must keep their powers a secret from the humans, while also trying to maintain normal teenage lives. They face various challenges along the way, such as dealing with other mermaids who do not agree with their methods of protection, and trying to balance their mermaid duties with schoolwork and personal relationships.

The Characters

Rikke is a fierce and determined young woman who takes her mermaid duties very seriously. She is also an excellent student and is very organized. Her mermaid power of heating water allows her to dissolve obstacles, and she is always thinking of new ways to use her power in creative ways.

Emma is the more adventurous of the three girls, often taking risks and wanting to explore the world around her. She can freeze water and create ice, which can be used to obstruct other mermaids or as a means of transportation. Emma is more impulsive than Rikke, but her heart is in the right place, and she is always there for her friends.

Cleo is the calm and collected member of the group, and she is an expert in aquatic biology. She can control the shape and size of water, which allows her to make things bigger or smaller, or even create water sculptures. Cleo is always thinking of new ways to use her power to explore and discover new things, and she is always looking out for her friends.

The Themes

H2O Havfruer på Eventyr addresses several themes that are relevant to young people today. The show explores friendship, loyalty, trust, and how to deal with change in their lives. The girls must learn to depend on each other, even when things get tough, and they must also learn to trust their instincts and take risks.

Another theme present in the show is responsibility. The girls have been entrusted with protecting the underwater world, and they must learn how to balance these responsibilities with their daily lives. This theme is particularly important for young people who are learning how to navigate the world around them and take on more responsibilities.

The show also touches on environmentalism, as the girls must protect the oceans from pollution and overfishing. This theme is especially relevant today, as people are becoming more aware of the impact of climate change and the importance of preserving our planet’s natural resources.


Q: Who created H2O Havfruer på Eventyr?

A: The show was created by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, a media company based in Australia. The show was co-produced by Denmark’s Submarine/BFC and Germany’s ZDF Enterprises.

Q: How long is each episode?

A: Each episode is approximately 23-25 minutes long.

Q: How many seasons are there?

A: There are three seasons of H2O Havfruer på Eventyr, comprising of a total of 78 episodes.

Q: Where can I watch H2O Havfruer på Eventyr?

A: The show is available to watch on DR Ultra, a Danish television channel, and has also been released on DVD.

Q: Is H2O Havfruer på Eventyr available in English?

A: There is an English version of the show available, titled H2O: Just Add Water. However, this version is slightly different from the Danish original, with some changes to the storyline and character names.

Q: Who is the target audience for H2O Havfruer på Eventyr?

A: The show is aimed at children and teenagers, typically aged between 8-15 years old.

Q: What sets H2O Havfruer på Eventyr apart from other mermaid-themed shows?

A: While the show has many similarities to other mermaid-themed shows, such as the characters gaining powers from touching a crystal, what sets H2O Havfruer på Eventyr apart is its focus on environmentalism and the importance of protecting the oceans.


H2O Havfruer på Eventyr is an entertaining and engaging show for children and young adults, which not only explores the fantasy world of mermaids but also addresses important themes such as friendship, responsibility, and environmentalism. The show’s unique take on mermaids and its relatable characters make it a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure and fantasy.

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